East Side Rydes




   Based out of Northern Brevard County, this is a non-profit, Christian based, full spectrum club made of members and friends from all over central Florida. Anybody from anywhere is welcome to come meet us, relax and hang out. Hopefully you'll like the people you meet! Our club is designed as a family-friendly, Christian, and safe environment for everyone, even the kids, to get together without drama, have fun and talk about car stuff. And for you curious parents, you have nothing to worry. Our group consists of car enthusiasts, both young and old, that are clean cut people whom respect our Town, and it's people. We are a club designed for custom rides, however you like to set it up. Our club is not designed for any particular style of car. We like them all, even if your Ryde is just starting to get organized! Be it low riders, street rods, sound performance, classics, or just looking good and standing out! And yes, motorcycles are always welcomed too!

    All ages are welcomed to hang out with us, as long as there is some self control. We will, however, ban people from the Club for substance abuse, child molesters, assault of people or animals, insubordination, and uncontrollable, unruly behavior during the Club's time. But hey, we all gotta have our party nights!

Mission Statement:

We here, at East Side Rydes, strive to build a Christian based organization. We hope to be a dues-free, non-profit organization focused on a Christian life, and around various vehicles and exhibits directly related to vehicles of all makes and models. All of us, with similar interests, have, do, and will plan to further our efforts in support of the local Governing agencies by helping to plan, run, and control various events like cruise ins and car shows that are open to the public automotive enthusiasts. We fund these events by public donations from a wide and varying range of sources, and various club fundraisers. Our past, present, and future goals are to help, in charitable means, ease the burdens of local governments, help to lessen prejudices, racial tensions, and discrimination by accepting and involving members of like interests and treat all equally from all parts of society. Our goals also include aid to local municipalities, like the local Police forces, to help fight against juvenile delinquency by keeping youths involved within our organization. Everyone within this organization participates on a volunteer basis at our fundraisers, events, and all meetings and the like.

  In The Begining....

   East Side Rydes was founded in the Fall of 2006 by Michele L. and her 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, and a group of good friends in and around Titusville. Since then, ESR has grown considerably with members coming and going, but always in a positive, upwards direction. As time goes on, some events are taking place within the workings of East Side Rydes, all to expand our horizons and grow with our Community and it's people that live here. Please join us in our journey into the world as we learn new steps, and gain new friends and partners along the way.